HFC HA232 Full Size Airsoft Spring Pump Action Shotgun

HFC is one of the best airsoft shotgun brands. If you are looking for a durable and affordable choice, you can certainly rely on the HFC HA232 Full Size Airsoft Spring Pump Action Shotgun as there are very few other guns in the market or online that easily match with your needs of this one.

It is powerful, has high level of accuracy and is definitely one of the best of all the choices. The best part about the airsoft shotgun is that it is an ideal pick for the beginners as well as the experienced thus suiting to everyone’s needs. You need not think much but can go ahead with the choice.

Velocity300 / 350 fps
Action TypePump Action
Dimensions1.6 lbs (weight) and 23” (length)
Hop UpNone.
Magazine Capacity45
Ammo 0.12 / 0.20 g BBs

If you really find this option to be worth, you should take a look at the specifications and the features or what makes this gun stand out from the others. This will help you to make the right choice and ensure that you have put your money into best use. So let us get started.

HFC HA232 Shotgun’s High Capacity

One of the most impressive features of this gun is the high magazine capacity. But with the HA232 model you will have no questions in your mind as its capacity at 45 rounds is good. It includes a shotgun style magazine for 6mm 0.12g or 0.20g BBs which is quite a decent one. Included with the bb gun are 500 .12g pellets ready for action.

HFC HA232 Full Size Airsoft Spring Pump Action Shotgun

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If you are looking for a strong yet sturdy design then the HCF HA232 Airsoft Pump Action shot gun is a budget option to consider. Weighing in at 750 grams it has a decent weight and feels good in hand for a budget plastic shotgun.

Spring Pump Action

One of the biggest problems that the users come across is the pump action which is quite a rough one but in this case you can look forward to a smooth pump action. This means that your biggest concern now comes to an end as the HFC HA232 Full Size Airsoft Spring Pump Action Shotgun is designed in such a way that it offers an effortless experience. What more could you ask for as the features are really brilliant.

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