Double Eagle M58A Tri-Shot Airsoft Shotgun

The Double Eagle M58A Tri-Shot airsoft shotgun is a steal when you look at its quality, design and price tag. At AirsoftCore we have taken a good look at the Double Eagle M58A shotgun. Take a look through our detailed review, and make your mind up before buying:

Double Eagle Pump Action Tri-Shot Spring...
  • FPS: 344-388 with .12mm BB's
  • This M56A Spring Airsoft shotgun shoots 3 BBS for every trigger pull.
  • Shell fed pump action (shell for loading airsoft bbs included)
Velocity 290 / 330fps
Range 75ft+
Action Type Pump Action (with speed loader)
Dimensions 4lbs (Weight) and 18” (length)
Hop Up Adjustable for maximum range
Magazine Capacity 30
Power Spring
Ammo  0.20 / 0.25g 6mm BBs

Double Eagle M58A Review


Double Eagle Pump Action Tri-Shot Spring...

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Sleek and slender design captures the imagination of the people. The design looks quite similar to the M3 shotgun at 35.5 inches in length. In hand, it appears to be quite solid and is ideal for the people who are beginners out in the field.  The matt black body finish is both contemporary in appearance and is discrete as a sidearm in skirmish.

With a high round capacity of 30 shot gun shells, you can keep on firing without interruptions. In fact using the double eagle M58A during games could make you the winner.

Velocity is key

Muzzle velocity plays an important role in impacting the target and Double eagle does not disappoint people. With a Tri-Shot velocity of 290 to 330 Foot per second, it’s more than powerful enough to fire the projectiles with shoot and scoot action. Hop ups are also adjustable, allowing you to improve accuracy and users have suggested using 0.25g bbs instead of 0.20g bbs can actually increase the maximum range.

Magazine and Rounds

When out in combat, skirmishing or simply plinking for practice / accuracy the Double Eagle M58A tri-shot airsoft shot gun really does tick all the boxes. Sold with large 30 round magazines, you’ll get 9 – 10 shots out of the gun before needing to swap out the magazine. Additional magazines, to the original with the gun, can easily be found and will be needed if you are to use in combat.

Top Accessory Rail

Just like the M3 shotgun the DE M58A has a tactical accessory rail, ideal for adding a flash light or sight to the airsoft gun.

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