BBtac Pump Action Spring Airsoft Shotgun 400 FPS

The BBtac Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun is a high power and high velocity gun, with users reporting of 375 – 425fps when battling. Needless to say, combined with its throwback 90s police style and 1:1 size, it’s a popular choice. Take a look through AirsoftCore’s review of this airsoft shotgun 400+ as follows.

m58b airsoft pump action shotgun rifle 400...
  • 400 FPS with .12g BBs
  • Free Sling
  • Free Speed Loader
Velocity 400 – 410fps
Range 130ft+
Action Type Pump Action
Dimensions 26.5” (length)
Hop Up Adjustable
Magazine Capacity 14
Power Spring
Ammo  0.12g BBs

BBtac Pump Action 400FPS Design

m58b airsoft pump action shotgun rifle 400...

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Excellent Grip

One of the most important attributes of any shotgun is having an excellent grip, and the BBtac Pump Action gun doesn’t suffice. In fact, the shotgun features a pistol style grip to ensure proper handling of the airsoft shot gun when taking aim target.


The BBtac Pump Action Shotgun is part metal and part abs plastic, making it durable and relatively easy to repair – if needs be. In addition, usage of above mentioned materials helps to make it more solid and sturdy for a very long period of time.

Accuracy is the name of the game:

Unlike the other models, BBtac has incorporated forward and rear sightings to ensure pin point accuracy while selecting the target. Many other airsoft shotguns can deliver 400fps though only with 0.12g bb pellets, this gun delivers 400fps with 0.20g 6mm bbs, then every shot releases 12 bbs a round.

Since the product is spring operated, it can be easily handled with the help of cock and shoot mechanism. It’s extremely easy to use, making it ideal for the battlefield. All the user has to do is to pull back the slide or the bolt and aim for the shoot. Instead of batteries or gas, the strong powered spring is sufficient to achieve any of your objectives.

Impeccable Velocity

With airsoft shotgun 400 fps, those on opposing teams are likely to get a few bruises – keep a distance from your targets. The top load hopper system makes it easier to use in play, and the long barrel standing at 26.6 inches improves accuracy.

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