UTG M4/90 Airsoft Shotgun with Scope & Light

The market is flooded with countless airsoft guns but only a few are worth buying. There are very few guns which are not only cheap but will meet your expectations too. One of them is the UTG M4/90 Airsoft Shotgun with Scope & Light which is known to offer a great experience. Though the cost is quite low but when you will use the gun, you will find it really satisfying and this is what has made it a popular choice. Getting used to the gun is quite easy and in no time you will enjoy it.

Action TypePump Action
Dimensions18.5” (length)
Hop UpFixed
Magazine Capacity30
Ammo 0.20 g BBs

UTG M4/90’s Features and Design

Velocity and Accuracy

Unlike the other airsoft shotguns reviewed here at Airsoft Core the UTG M4/90 has to be one of the weakest offering a velocity of 290 to 330fps with 0.20g bbs – though don’t let that put you off. The gun has great accuracy, even at distance, when firing 3 bbs a pump.

UTG Sport Airsoft Everblast CQB Special Ops Shotgun

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The BBtac Pump Action Shotgun is part metal and part abs plastic, making it durable and relatively easy to repair – if needs be. In addition, usage of above mentioned materials helps to make it more solid and sturdy for a very long period of time.

Adjustable sling

The very first feature of this gun is the adjustable sling which makes it easy to carry. This adds to the comfort level of the individual which is most important and this is easily fulfilled with the UTG model.

Magazine Capacity

Here the UTG M4/90 Airsoft Shotgun can boast, offering 30 bb capacity in each BB shotgun round, making it perfect for skirmishing and a long game. Similarly you can easily purchase or find extra magazines to swap out mid battle.

Sturdy design and feel

Though most of the gun is made of plastic there is no compromise with the quality. The design is great and the metal barrel makes it sturdy and worth choosing. With a pistol style grip and 1:1 authentic design, the shotgun looks very similar to M4 tactical shot gun.


With a military grade top rail, flash light and sight included, the UTG M4/90 tactical shotgun is fully featured and ready to go out the box, though you could easily attach a camera to the rail for close up video of skirmishes.

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UTG Sport Airsoft Everblast CQB Special Ops Shotgun

1 used from $31.99
Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was in: 12/12/2018 4:58 am

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