About AirsoftCore

At AirsoftCore we’re always game for a military style skirmish, between our combat team of enthusiasts and writers we’ve put this site together to help get you out and winning in battle.

Growing up with cheap plastic BB guns as kids we’ve always enjoyed getting camouflaged up and out taking each other on. Though as the hobby has grown so has our appetite for the Airsoft Guns, Grenades and accessories.

So AirsoftCore was built, and we now review anything from a basic sprung pistol to an AEG Airsoft assault rifle offering 3 magazines, 500fps and lipo batteries. So when you’re next looking to buy an Airsoft gun, take a look through our detailed reviews, comparisons and question guides before you click and push the buy now button.

If you’re a beginner or a pro, AirsoftCore can help you out – and if you’ve got some advice or a review you’d like to share, get in touch, we’d love to see your opinion. Our goal is to give you the best advice before your get out in the field, making sure you choose the right gun the first tome, or another to add to the collection.