How far can Airsoft Guns Shoot? Assault, Sniper & Pistols

Whether you’re out on your own, in a tactical airsoft team or battling, chances are you’ve got a few questions about Airsoft. One of the most common ones we get at AirsoftCore is how far can various styles of airsoft guns shoot. Below are some answers along with additional questions/answers for better understanding.

How far can airsoft guns shoot?

The majority of airsoft guns are able to shoot a distance of about 60 m/s (200 ft/s) to 125 m/s (410 ft/s). The range can be increased if a person is willing to buy upgraded internals. With these a user can increase the average range to about to 170 m/s (550 ft/s) or more. The range of airsoft sniper rifles and pistols is going to vary, but generally users can expect superior range.

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How far do airsoft sniper rifles shoot?

Airsoft sniper rifles are different from conventional options. For starters these are made to shoot at a FPS that’s very high. This is in order to ensure users get the most effective range. Next these guns typically are going to have barrels that are long, which will enable users to have superior precision than they could get from smaller options.

100 yards or 300 feet seems to be the area the majority of sniper rifles fit into shooting distance wise. If the gun is very standard and right out of its box making use of conventional BB weights for the specific type of hardware the range is typically 60-90 meters.

Provisions users can take in order to ensure they get an airsoft rifles maximum range would be to buy the right brand with the model of AEG you feel best about.

How important is it in order to ensure the maximum range ability of a sniper rifle can be reached?

Serious users of airsoft rifles might focus too much on getting to the maximum range. However they should try to focus on other variables that are more critical. At AirsoftCore we feel it’s important for users to concentrate on variables such as consistency in terms of the power output. It might also be a good idea to make use of a heavier grade of pellet if the goal is to get the best distance plus accuracy.

How far can airsoft snipers shoot?

Users of airsoft sniper rifles focus a lot on how far away they can be from a target in order to hit it.  Some like to focus on up to 100 meters away. At AirsoftCore we feel that effective range is more important.

Anywhere from 60-70 meters will provide a pretty high hit rate. High FPS options tend to come with the problem of decreased accuracy, but with the right minor upgrades this can be helped.

High end parts are also important such as the barrel hop as well as compression pieces. With such upgrades sniping distance capability can reach several hundred feet, keeping reasonable accuracy in mind.


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How far can an airsoft pistol shoot?

If we focus on what’s called the average effective range, then the distance these types of airsoft guns can shoot is going to vary. Generally speaking users can expect to achieve distances of at least 20 meters keeping in line with average effective range. Sometimes it can be 30-40 meters.

For those unsure of what effective range means, it simply means the greatest distance that a shooter can expect to hit a target. We’re assuming that the shooter in this case would have some form of shooting training.

At AirsoftCore we believe that a well-made piece, with operation as well as internals that are realistic, a superior trigger combined with blowback that’s packs a lot of power all contribute to distance capability. Overall sticking to the general rule of 60 meters to 125 meters is good.

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How far can Airsoft SMG and AEG options shoot, keeping with a distance range that can be relied upon with high confidence?

With SMG users can expect to get 25 to 35 meters, especially if the goal is accuracy. With AEG options users can expect 40 to 50 meters.

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What key components do us at AirsoftCore feel also effect distance capabilities across the board for different options?

Users need to focus on class. This is assuming that a user isn’t a newcomer and is well versed with the different types of options on the market. Although this is important it doesn’t necessarily impact accuracy or range though. The key focus needs to be air-seal as well as hop-up elements as these will determine the distance of BB flies and if it hits the target you’re aiming for. FPS is also a factor, but in order to keep things simple if a user’s goal is superior shooting range then focus on pellets that are good quality and heavy. A good hop up system is also crucial.

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When it comes to shooting distance how are different types of airsoft guns going to factor into this, such as electric/Co2 or sprung powered options?

Spring powered airsoft guns tend to be a little weaker than their gas and electric counterparts, but this doesn’t always have to be true. Upgrades can increase power as previously mentioned in earlier questions. These guns are extremely basic by themselves, but are capable of an FPS as high as 450.

Gas powered options are able to shoot out BBs with a velocity that’s higher than spring powered options. They are also semi-automatic. Because of this the shooting distance that can be achieved will be superior.

Electric powered options are seen as being the best option for those who are serious about airsoft play whether it is team or league. Electric options can achieve some of the highest FPS and they are tough.

Electric airsoft guns are typically seen as the cream of the crop. They typically shoot around speeds of 500 fps and are quite durable and easy to maintain.

Understand that with any airsoft gun you choose at AirsoftCore they can be modified in order to heighten attributes such as pellet velocity, the rate of fire, reliability as well the accuracy of shooting. So don’t be discouraged.

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Does the amount of money a person spend impact the distance capabilities of an airsoft gun?

It’s going to be very important how much you’re willing to spend on your piece. Distance capabilities are affected by this, because the cheaper options tend to be lower FPS, although this isn’t always true. Higher end models tend to be higher FPS, but factors such as brand will be pivotal. At AirsoftCore we offer a complete selection of the best high end and low end airsoft guns.

As long as the low end option is still good quality (brand factors into this) then distance capability shouldn’t be impacted. Price is also important because the cheaper the gun the less durable it tends to be or the more upgrades it will require to provide satisfactory distance/accuracy.

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What are some brands we recommend at AirsoftCore that are reputable and good quality?


If the goal is reputation and quality, then you need a good starting point. The brands we’re about to list are well known and should provide users with a plethora of options, whether you find them on this site or another. Here’s a short list of some of the best known brands:

Tokyo Mauri (TM)

Tokyo Mauri was the original maker of the AEG and at this moment they are one of the top quality airsoft guns you can purchase.

ICS (I Chih Shivan Co.)

ICS (I Chih Shivan Co.) offers some of the best overall airsoft guns on the market. You’ll find they have pretty good externals as well as internals.


This brand is extremely expensive. On the plus side though the guns sold are very high powered. These are designed to look very close to a real gun. T

Echo 1

These guns can give a user some of the best value for the money. The majority of these guns are priced at around $200 and have an FPS little over 350.

ASGI G4 Series

This is a brand that’s not that old, but they have good quality along with good externals/internals.

Brand is important due to the reliability of capabilities along with overall effectiveness the way a user wants it. At AirsoftCore we strive to provide nothing but reliable brands, where distance capabilities can be trusted no matter if it’s a gas powered, electric or spring powered option.

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