Double Eagle M58B Metal Spring Airsoft Shotgun 350-400fps

If you are looking for one of the best airsoft shotguns, the Double Eagle M58B could be the right choice. It is made from metal and poly fibre that ensures a well designed and constructed gun coming your way. If you talk about the accuracy there is no comparison of the same and that is why it is one of the sort after choices of the buyers.

Most importantly it is an affordable selection which easily suits the budget of every individual.

So there are lots of features that make this airsoft shotgun 350 fps + the ideal choice for any buyer. Here is more information about the product that you should know about.

Double Eagles m58b Metal Tactical Shotgun...
  • Metal Airsoft Shotgun
  • 400-FPS (WOW!)
  • Speedloader, Sling Included
Velocity350 / 400fps
Action TypePump Action (with speed loader)
Dimensions18” (length)
Hop UpAdjustable
Magazine Capacity15
Ammo 0.12 / 0.20 g BBs

If you really find this option to be worth, you should take a look at the specifications and the features or what makes this gun stand out from the others.

This will help you to make the right choice and ensure that you have put your money into best use. So let us get started.

Double Eagle M58B’s Excellent Quality

Double Eagles m58b Metal Tactical Shotgun...

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One of the highlighting features of this gun is its incomparable quality that grabs the attention of the people. Nothing can be a better choice than the Double Eagles M58B Spring Airsoft Shotgun, as it is quality oriented, fitted with most of the gun frame being metal (including the barrel) whilst the remaining is ABS. So you can definitely move ahead with this choice without any doubt.

High Power & Velocity

The next concern of the buyers when purchasing an airsoft shotgun is its power and velocity, preferably the higher the better once in combat (until skirmish field rules apply). At 350 – 400 fps this Double Eagle M58B sprung shotgun, gives you a real bang for your buck

Design and Weight

Another very good feature of the Double Eagle M58B is its light weight which makes it easy to carry and use without any problem. Whilst the design is authentic being a 1:1 copy of the M58B shotgun. There is no doubt that this airsoft shotgun one of the finest options you will find in such a budgeted range.

Magazine feed

Then you have the feature of magazine fed that makes it simple for the users to inject without even looking for the ejected shells. It comes with a speed loader making it perfect for an entry level gun and skirmishing.


The reviews of the product are really superb as the users have loved the overall performance, its functionality and the features. Its star rating is quite impressive with the reviews being really positive as well as helpful. If you are seriously searching for some decent selection, you can definitely rely on the Double Eagles M58B Metal Spring Airsoft Shotgun 350 FPS which has everything you want

From the accuracy to its power, affordability, reloading all the aspects are well integrated for a mind-blowing experience. So why confine yourself with a few options when you have such a great pick before you.

Double Eagles m58b Metal Tactical Shotgun...
  • Metal Airsoft Shotgun
  • 400-FPS (WOW!)
  • Speedloader, Sling Included
Timothy Hackett
Timothy Hackett

Tim has been playing airsoft since 1994. With over a thousand (no lie) airsoft games under his belt he has spent countless hours testing various airsoft guns and tactical gear. He's gotten hundreds (still no lie) of people into the airsoft hobby and is more than willing to spread the love of slinging 6mm plastic to any new player.

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