Why buy an Airsoft Pistol?

Getting started in the game of airsoft can be tough because those who don’t know a lot about the guns don’t really know where to start. There are so many different types of guns that you can’t be sure of which is the best fit for you.

Well at Airsoft Core we can tell you a great way to begin would be with an airsoft pistol. Airsoft pistols are good for many reasons. Let’s examine a few of them below.

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Why Buy an Airsoft Pistol?



Great for players just getting started because they don’t intimidate a user

Although this might seem like it wouldn’t be an issue at first it is. It can’t be assumed that everyone who would use one of these guns has experience using actual guns. For such people making the transition wouldn’t be too much of a problem. For those who don’t have any experience with any gun though an airsoft pistol is a great bet.


Airsoft pistols are very reliable and easy to make use of

Due to the small size they are easy to handle as well. The ease of use element is critical, because this allows for users to truly hone their skills during target practice. All of this makes it easy to transition to more powerful options down the road or become better at the game.


Pistol options come with a great degree of realism and power

Now the power isn’t going to be what you can get when you step up to higher level options, but for what these guns are you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The realistic look of airsoft pistols isn’t an understatement. In fact for some who don’t know better they can easily mistake them for a real gun. The best airsoft pistol looks and feels just like the real deal.


Are very enjoyable to shoot with and don’t cost a lot of money

The only way you would end up spending more money is if you purchased an option from a high end manufacturer or at least one considered to be high end. Besides from this these are affordable for any beginner or enthusiast.


Are one of the best guns to use for training purposes

Training is certainly going to be something a user wants to take up, but you’ll need an airsoft gun that can provide good accuracy so you can trust that your skills are truly being honed. This is what airsoft pistols can provide, whether they are spring powered, electric powered or gas powered.


Good for players who have moved up to higher level option

Airsoft pistols work well no matter what level of the game a player is one, because they are on the smaller side. This means they can easily be used as a backup piece or a supplement to other airsoft guns you might be using during a game.

What are airsoft pistols typically made out of?

Airsoft pistols can be built using a multitude of different materials.  All of this is going to be based on the following factors:

  • What brand the gun is
  • How good the quality is
  • The type of materials that are used in the creation of its real world counterpart

If you choose an airsoft pistol of a lower tier than you can expect these to be created from plastic most of the time. And the quality of the plastic is generally low, which means you can’t expect it to last too long. If you get something of higher quality then you’ll find they are made using higher level plastics and combinations such as ABS plastic and polymer.

You can also start to find airsoft pistols that might be made using metal. Understand that even one of these is made using metal this doesn’t automatically mean the gun is quality. This is because there are different types of metals/mixtures. The upper level metals are the ones that can take more punishment.

Best Airsoft Pistol


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Timothy Hackett
Timothy Hackett

Tim has been playing airsoft since 1994. With over a thousand (no lie) airsoft games under his belt he has spent countless hours testing various airsoft guns and tactical gear. He's gotten hundreds (still no lie) of people into the airsoft hobby and is more than willing to spread the love of slinging 6mm plastic to any new player.

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