Wellfire MK96 Bolt Action BB Sniper Rifle 410fps

Here’s a stylish 23-round capacity bolt action airsoft sniper rifle that comes with a top-grade bipod and a scope. A very accurate model that is composed of quality materials, the Wellfire MK96 stands head and shoulders above many comparable airsoft sniper rifles with scope and bipod that are currently available on the market.

FPS 410-430
Range 150 – 200ft
Hop Up Adjustable
Action Type Semi-auto and full-auto
Dimensions 410-430
Magazine Capacity 23
Power Sprung
Ammo  Can accommodate BBs ranging from 0.20g to 0.40g.

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Wellfire MK96’s velocity is respectable giving an FPS of around 410-430 using 0.20g BBs, but such high FPS is attained at the expense of accuracy. For top-level sniping precision, you might want to load it up with heavier BBs, like, say, from .30g to 0.40g BBs.

BB Pellets

Using 0.30g or 0.32g BBs, the accuracy is absolutely dead-on within approximately 60 feet range. 0.28g BBs are worth a try too. With lighter BBs combined with a decent amount of practice, and taking into consideration the wind factor, you might just be able to hit a human target from 200 feet away. The effective range of this rifle is around 150 feet, while 200 feet range is the maximum or maybe, close to max.

Sniper Scope

There is nothing much to say about the 3-9×40 scope other than the fact that it is dependable and very much functional. Obviously the manufacturer did not put it there for cosmetic reasons as the scope truly gives your shooting accuracy a massive boost. The scope is full metal by the way and the same goes for the provided bipod which is adjustable.

Airsoft sniper build quality & design

In fact, only the rifle’s butt-pad (made of rubber) and stock (made of top notch ABS) are not composed of metal. This means that in terms of durability, there is nothing for you to be concerned about. You could accidentally drop this spring airsoft rifle on hard ground a few times, and it is unlikely to get scratched, let alone break apart.

Range & Action

It feels real nice to shoot long distance targets with the Wellfire MK96 for an extended period time because the rifle has such a solid feel to it, plus the bipod serves as a fantastic stabilizer that helps you snipe like a veteran sniper.

In addition, the bolt works excellently. It is not difficult to pull back. The thing just glides smoothly and it hardly makes a sound when you cock it.


The hop up is adjustable and with the right adjustment, the BB is capable of hitting its target at a longer range with better precision. However, adjusting the hop up can be irritating. It is hard to ascertain in which direction you are supposed to turn it down or up, and there is no indicator on the hop up to let you know this.


A couple more problems are the rifle’s poorly made sling, which does not hold up too well and the position of its safety switch. The sling breaks pretty easily and it does not take long for its clip to get ruined, while the safety is placed in an awkward position.


The Wellfire MK96 is one of the most accurate airsoft snipers around so if you want to blow off some steam by sniping target practice, it is a decent choice for the money. Airsoft sniper rifle experts might not be into it, but newbies and intermediates in the mood for some good sniping fun time should dig this model.

8.3 Total Score
Wellfire MK96 ready for the field, straight out the box.

Good quality airsoft sniper rifle built well, offers value for money, a good range and a decent shot. With a bipod and metal scope, it's ready for picking targets off straight out the box.

Magazine Capacity
Build Quality
  • Good range and accuracy
  • Full metal scope and adjustable bipod
  • Rifle’s body is as durable as they come
  • Bipod is nice and stabilizes your aiming for marked accuracy
  • Has a good solid weight and feel
  • Smooth, non-jamming spring bolt
  • Adjusting the hop up can be quite irritating
  • Poorly made rifle sling
  • Safety switch is situated in an unhandy position
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