What are the different types of airsoft sniper rifles?

There are 3 main types of airsoft sniper rifles: Spring, Gas, and Electric

Whether you choose to go with a bolt action style sniper rifle or a semi-automatic, you’ll find that there are 3 main types of airsoft sniper rifles:

  • Spring-powered
  • Gas-powered
  • Electric-powered

In this article, we will go over all 3 types and the pros and cons of each. The writers at Airsoft Core are in a unique place to bring insight here, as we have over 2 decades of airsoft experience.

Below we will explain each airsoft sniper rifle types in detail.

What are the different types of airsoft sniper rifles

Spring Powered

The spring bolt action sniper rifle is the least expensive option while also providing the biggest range in upgrades. A spring action airsoft sniper rifle requires you to manually pull back the bolt to compress the spring.

We actually built a buying guide for the best airsoft sniper rifles and they feature mostly spring bolt-action designs.

Spring airsoft sniper rifles are easy to maintain and loads of fun to shoot.

  • Generally less expensive than the other counterparts.
  • Lots of upgrades are available.
  • Fairly durable and fewer moving parts.
  • Consistent FPS and backspin.
  • A fully upgraded spring action airsoft gun is difficult to shoot rapidly.
  • You will be outclassed in firepower compared to the other options.
  • There are a lot of bad brands.

The JG BAR 10 is one of the main staples of the spring bolt action type of airsoft sniper rifle.


Gas-powered airsoft sniper rifles are at the top of our list for realism. While the spring action variants look fairly realistic, that all changes once you attempt to pull the bolt.

For gas-powered airsoft sniper rifles, there is minimal tension on the bolt and so it moves freely. It FEELS more realistic in a way that’s hard to describe. If your goal is to maximize the satisfaction of racking the bolt, then the gas-powered option is probably the best choice.

What you’ll find are two main choices for gas types: Co2 and Green Gas. Generally, there’s no denying that Co2 gas guns shoot very hard. We prefer accuracy, however, so green gas is our go-to choice.

  • 10/10 for realism and feel
  • Usually has great out-of-the-box performance
  • More expensive than most options.
  • FPS is subject to weather conditions.
  • Very few internal upgrades.

In this category we usually prefer the KJ Works M700, but since that’s been out of stock for… forever, we wanted to highlight the A&K M24.

Electric Powered

Electric-powered sniper rifles are basically standard airsoft AEG’s (automatic electric guns) only outfitted to be more like a DMR / Sniper Rifle platform. Often, these are HIGHLY upgraded with:

  • Tightbore inner barrel
  • Stiff spring
  • Upgraded compression parts
  • Upgraded trigger and internal wiring
  • High quality bucking & nub
  • Reinforced Gearset

Many of these electric-powered airsoft sniper rifles are adjusted to be single-shot only to best simulate real-world platforms like the SR-25, M-110, M-14, or SVD.

  • Very high performance,
  • Compatible parts with other common airsoft electric guns,
  • Shareable magazines with the more common AEG’s,
  • High freedom for internal and external upgrades,
  • Very expensive.
  • Most AEG’s don’t come default in the sniper configuration and need to be upgraded by an expert.

Having a recommendation here is tough, because due to the limitations of airsoft BB ranges, you’re almost better off buying a highly upgraded M4 platform with an extended barrel. Those offered by Krytac, for example, fit the bill.

However, if you’re interested in teching, or know someone who can, then you can look into the Echo 1 ER25K.

In Conclusion

Airsoft sniper rifles are some of the most misunderstood airsoft gun platforms available. The nature of the 6mm BB means that the airsoft sniper doesn’t actually have significantly more range or accuracy than their carbine / battle rifle counterparts.

There is no denying, however, that the airsoft sniper is FUN role to play.

Timothy Hackett
Timothy Hackett

Tim has been playing airsoft since 1994. With over a thousand (no lie) airsoft games under his belt he has spent countless hours testing various airsoft guns and tactical gear. He's gotten hundreds (still no lie) of people into the airsoft hobby and is more than willing to spread the love of slinging 6mm plastic to any new player.

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