ASG Dan Wesson CO2 8″ CO2 Powered Airsoft Revolver

A strong blend of realism and reliability, ASG Dan Wesson 8″ delivers a solid boot in the rear to the airsoft line of revolvers. The revolver features extremely detailed and realistic construction complete with a rear sight that’s adjustable and a double action trigger system.

This means that you might want to be careful where you flash it since the realism factor is so dead on; someone might just call the cops on you!

ASG Dan Wesson Air Pistol Revolver .177...

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FPS515 (0.20g)
470 (0.25g)
Hop UpNone
Action TypeSemi-auto
Dimensions2.3 lbs. (weight) and 13.3” (length)
Magazine Capacity6 round (1 per shell)
PowerCO2. 12g canister
Ammo Ideally 6mm 0.20g BBs

Realistic look & feel

The revolver’s realistic look is enhanced by the double action trigger system. You can either cock the hammer first prior to firing so that the trigger pull is lighter, or just squeeze the trigger right off the bat.

Build quality

The revolver feels absolutely solid in the hand. Itasg dan wesson black 8 inch airsoft revolver with speed loader has that real pleasant heft to it and while the revolver feels good to shoot, we feel that the trigger’s weight is just a tad bit heavy even when you cock it first before firing.

With metal used to create most of the revolver’s components, the durability score is above average. Only the ergonomic grip, hammer, and tip are composed of ABS plastic.

It’s quite regrettable that the hammer is made of plastic as this does take away a bit of its much-acclaimed realism element.

ASG Dan Wesson Air Pistol Revolver .177...
  • Powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge (CO2 NOT included)
  • Full metal frame air gun with textured plastic grip; Unique serial number
  • Shoots .177 caliber steel BBs at up to 425 FPS


Cocking the plastic hammer feels rather off sometimes and if ASG were to release an update to this revolver, they most certainly should replace the plastic hammer with a metal one.

Another realism diminisher is the paint on the revolver’s cylinder tends to chip off. Friction caused by the rotation of the cylinder is obviously the culprit here.

On another minor negative note, the speed-reloader that comes with the revolver doesn’t really fit properly. Still, it works alright.

Accuracy & BBs

In the accuracy side of things, ASG’s Dan Wesson revolver is absolutely splendid. The adjustable sight makes aiming a snap and when loaded with the right BBs, the precision and power of this revolver are nothing short of satisfying.

You can load its cartridges with 0.20g BBs, 0.25g BBs, and 0.28g BBs. By the way, this airsoft revolver is like your typical six-shooter. It has six individual cartridges and each one stores a single BB.

We feel that the former truly hits the sweet spot between power and accuracy. The FPS with 0.20g BBs is roughly around 500 to 515, and about 470 to 485 with 0.25g BBs.asg dan wesson black airsoft revolved with quick load rounds and explaination

Tactical Rail & Power

For added accuracy, the revolver comes with a tactical rail that can be fastened on the top of its barrel, so feel free to install a red dot sight or even a scope.

ASG’s Dan Wesson revolver is also a winner when it comes to the power department. Honestly, this thing packs a wallop!

We recently shot a bunch of soda cans filled with tap water, and it was pure joy to witness the revolver’s sheer power as each BB that went flying out of its barrel penetrated clean through those water filled cans.

Heck, the shots were powerful enough to make clean through holes on both sides of a couple of rather hefty corrugated shipping boxes.

ASG Dan Wesson Air Pistol Revolver .177...
  • Powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge (CO2 NOT included)
  • Full metal frame air gun with textured plastic grip; Unique serial number
  • Shoots .177 caliber steel BBs at up to 425 FPS


Sure, it has a few minor detriments, but this airsoft revolver, overall, is still well polished and fun to shoot. If you crave for a realistic looking and feel airsoft revolver, look no further.

8.5 Total Score
Accurate & powerful airsoft revolver

The ASG Dan Wesson CO2 revolver packs a punch when out in the field, delivering over 500fps with .20g bbs. It looks and feels realistic in hand, though build quality is a slight downside.

Magazine Capacity
Build Quality
  • Astounding realistic look
  • Double action trigger adds extra realism and feels cool to boot
  • Durable (most components are made of metal)
  • Delightful to hold, aim, and shoot
  • Awesome power and accuracy
  • Hammer is made of plastic
  • Paint on cylinder is prone to chipping off
  • Slightly heavy trigger pull
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Timothy Hackett
Timothy Hackett

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