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Colt 1911 Metal Blowback Airsoft Pistol Black

It is an airsoft gun with medium size gray on a barrel with a wood accent on the handle. With a 6 mm caliber, this pistol is quite practical to use. Users can fire bullets on velocity 344.00 ft / sec. The number of cartridges provided is 2000 BBs with 2 magazines (one as backup). The “push” specification used is CO2 cartridges.

FPS344 fps w/.20 g
Action TypeSemi-automatic blowback
Dimensions2.15lbs (weight) and 8.60” (length)
Hop UpBAXS adjustable
Rounds17 Rounds and 22 Rounds (extended)
Magazine Capacity17 rds
PowerCO2 gas powered
Ammo 0.20 g BBs

Using this airsoft gun is quite fun. The gun is very easy to grasp and when the bullet is fired, the vibration jerking back is quite muffled. To unpack the magazine you need to press release on the left side of the grip and remove the magazine. Filling the bullet as in other conventional types is by pulling the spring down and inserting bullet granules one by one. You can use some bullet size but 0.20 g is the best. To loosen the screw, SoftAir Colt provides a special tool for it. This easing to insert CO2 cartridge and after it is inserted, tighten the screw again. When CO2 gas is expanded which you can hear its voice, you can finish screwing immediately. Anyway do not do it too tight or you will damage the O’rings.

Colt 1911 Metal Blowback Airsoft Pistol in Black

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The next step is slide magazine on the grip until you’re sure it’s locked properly. You will hear a click when it is locked. Now is the time to shoot! Make sure you cock the gun in the normal way; pull the slide back and release. The next step is exactly the same as what should be done on similar pistols.

The airsoft gun is very similar to the original pistol so its use must be adjusted to Federal Law. One of the restrictions of the Federal Law is to get rid of orange marking or painting over the transparent part of this product. Overall, this product looks expensive because it is made of full metal.

Whilst the SoftAir Colt 1911 Semi-Auto GBB Pistol, is a great airsoft gun and ideal as a skirmish sidearm, take a look through our best airsoft pistol round up here.

8.2 Total Score
Quality Mid Range Blowback Pistol

1:1 Replica 1911 Airsoft pistol with blowback for real feel whilst holding and in skirmish. A quality product from the Colt range and brand.

Magazine Capacity
Build Quality
  • CO2 Powered
  • 344 FPS
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Heavy - solid metal
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