How to use an Airsoft Ghillie Suit?

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When you are in an airsoft field, facing off against opponents who can sense the danger near them, have situational awareness, and maybe familiar with your tactics, how you use the Airsoft Ghillie suit can make a huge difference. The Airsoft Ghillie suit is designed to help you stay hidden. You remain invisible to those around you, but it isn’t magic. In fact, even it might not appear that way, but being stealthy with that suit on takes time, patience, and lots of practice.

Sometimes, just having the best airsoft sniper rifle isn’t enough to fulfill the role of sniper on an airsoft team.
In this article, we’ll take a look at how best to use the Airsoft Ghillie suit in the field.

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How Best to Use A Ghillie Suit?

We’ll start out by saying that using the airsoft ghillie suit is a pretty straightforward process, especially if you buy the complete set.

As it is called, the complete ghillie suit set consists of a few parts like the pants and jacket along with a carrying bag and rifle wrap. However, there are a couple of higher-priced ones that also have hoods and a Boonie hat.

In our opinion, ghillie suits are only worth it if all your games are played in the terrain with high amounts of brush.

Usually, the ghillie suit need to be worn on top of regular camouflage clothing and airsoft safety gear. However, if where you are playing is too hot, you may only need to only wear the suit with some load bearing gear. That said, if you’re playing airsoft in the snow, you can pack yourself up and then put on the suit, as the suit itself isn’t warm because it is made out of mesh materials to help improve breathability while reducing weight.

We’ve seen airsoft ghillie suits that are thicker and ideally suited for the winter with good insulation, but it is up to you to decide if they are worth your money.

To be clear, there are various types of Airsoft Ghillie suits, but to choose one that works best, you need to understand the types of terrains they are meant for in the field.

Airsoft Terrain Types

Now there are various types of terrains, and they make a difference in the type of suit you choose. The most common types are:

  • Woodlands, usually are dark and light colors – mostly greens and dark browns. So you’d go with a green ghillie suit, for example.
  • Grass fields generally range from yellow to medium green
  • Brush a mixture of various colors
  • Sandy fields are typically brown and yellow.
  • Snow requires a white ghillie suit.

Yes, each variant has a different color combination which depends on the season, so you’ll want to bear that in mind too when choosing a suit. However, there is a specific type of airsoft ghillie suit for each type of terrain, but the models can vary slights in terms of color and shapes.

Pick the right color for your field!

Types Of Airsoft Ghillie Suits

Choosing one airsoft ghillie suit from the other will vary in some respects. Here is what will often be different:

  • Thread types
  • Thread patterns
  • Whether the suit has leaves, threads, or strings
  • Thread density
  • Color composition
  • Various other features

The thread pattern you decide on can be very important because it is meant to suit a certain type of surroundings. Some of the threads are sewn in rows, but others are placed randomly to offer a natural bush-like look for the ghillie suit.

In terms of the best thread types, here, too, there are a few different ones.

We recommend getting threads that are made from polypropylene for your airsoft ghillie suit. This material is ultra-light, silent when it comes into contact with something, and it’s what many professionals and former enlisted use too.

The other alternative is strings and leaves. Leaves are great for autumn hunting, and you can use strings ideally for grass hunting since they do so well to replicate grassy land. The advantage of these threads is that they can also hold additional camouflage like a few extra leaves, some moss, and grass.

We alluded to this earlier, but just about every ghillie suit has a different color composition, and its thread density varies too. The first one refers to how these colors blend in with their patterns and each other, i.e., squares, scatters, lines, etc.

It also means if you have a single-colored suit or one that has multiple colors. However, if you are going to buy a ghillie suit, the thread density matters a lot since it relates to how much the suit weighs, and that dictates how easy it is to move around in.

The most common beginner mistake is assuming that a dense suit is better.

In our experience, it boils down to various factors, all of which are listed above.

Finally, you also need to bear in mind that every model of ghillie suit is different. It has different features that may make it stand out from the competition. Whether it is drawstrings, pocket cutaways, an extra layer of mesh, or a full front zipper, those additions are welcome, at least for us.

Looking at Advantages and Disadvantages of An Airsoft Ghillie Suit

Now that you know that there are various types of ghillie suits for various terrains, it is time to see how these suits stack up in the field. What you can expect in terms of pros and even the cons associated with them.


  • An airsoft ghillie suit allows you to get very close to a target without being detected. It is great for doing recon for the team or hiding out as a sniper.
  • The suit ensures that there is far less risk of being detected.
  • A good suit will ensure minimal sounds as you move.
  • If you hold still in the right terrain, you can effectively be invisible to other airsoft players.


  • The suit can be heavy and every extra pound matters.
  • You will also need to undergo some preparations so that your gear matches the ghillie suit well – can you get to your spare magazines and equipment?
  • Staying cool can be a challenge since ghillie suits won’t ventilate well.

How to Blend Into the Surroundings with a Ghillie Suit

Whether you are playing paintball with friends or are out deer hunting, you have to remain concealed, and that requires more than just putting on the ghillie suit. You will need to hide the remaining (exposed) parts of the body and your gear. So, areas like the face, boots, the weapon you’re using, binoculars, and other stuff that you are carrying will all have to be well hidden. Even the slightest thing that appears out of place is going to give out your position to the opponent.

We’ll start with all the obvious parts of the body you need to cover up to blend in.

The Face

Your face (and hands) are very likely to give you away if you don’t address them.

Here you have several options. The main issue to content with is your eye protection. Are you wearing a paintball mask? Just a set of googles? You might want to consider actually painting camouflage onto your eye pro to ensure it blends well with the environment.

Hiding the Weapon and Its Scope

The vast majority of ghillie suits come with some sort of rifle wrap for the weapon system. The wraps can accommodate most size rifles, and because they are stretchable will cover the sniper scope too. However, if your scope can’t fit into it, you can create some extra camouflage using some netting or burlap strips. You can also paint the scope in the color of your camo gear.

Big tip: Make sure to zero your airsoft scope before your wrap it up in camo tape

The Spotting Scope & Your Binoculars

When it comes to camouflaging your spotting scope and the binoculars, the same rule applies. In fact, it goes for any other item like tripods and backpacks. You need to ensure everything is camouflaged correctly so that they can’t be spotted. Just make sure that the camouflage for the bag isn’t too noisy since you’ll be taking it off a few times during the course of an airsoft gaming session. If anything, you don’t want to reach for supplies to give away your position.

The Boots

You will also want to pay special attention to the boots. Black boots, like a black rifle, tend to stick out especially if you’re hiding in yellow grass or wearing a dry grass ghillie suit. While it may be found in the woodlands, we’ve noticed that many airsoft players fail or forget to cover their boots. Fortunately, if you have a ghillie suit with longer than usual pants, that should cover everything.

Hands / Gloves

This goes without saying but you’ll want to cover your hands up. Wearing earth colored gloves are usually a good choice, but you can also just wrap your hands in burlap strips.

Bonus Airsoft Ghillie Suit Tips

Learn To Crawl

We always tell players that they should practice crawling and going prone. The faster you start crawling and get used to it, the better it is going to be. Crawling is far better than trying to run, especially if you’re trying to keep a low profile in the field. Experienced airsoft players can detect movement, and that means you can be spotted. So, you’ll want to blend into your surroundings and then crawl to get closer.

Knowing how to crawl or getting comfortable with it is also going to help anyone who hunts. Animals like coyotes can pick up your sent and can sense the slightest movement. That’s why staying flush with the ground even as you move is so important.

Going prone also helps you brace your sniper rifle and use minimize your profile.

Stay in Areas that Match the Suit You’re Wearing

When you are wearing a ghillie suit, make sure to avoid high contrast areas. For instance, if you are wearing a yellow grass camo suit, don’t stand on a dark green or a darker surface. Being aware of your background is very important if you want to have the ability to sneak up on your target or do recon. Make sure to choose your path based on how well you can blend in as you move along. Also, if you have a ghillie suit that you can add parts to or swap decorations, then do that as the terrain changes.

Remember that green will stand out against yellow and vice versa. Pick the right colors for your field!

Know Your Suit

We know this maybe sounds a little insane because what’s there to know about a suit? But as it goes, there is a little you need to know about your ghillie suit.

For instance, what sounds it makes, what patterns the suit has, and which surroundings it blends the easiest into. It would also be worth knowing the locations of the zipper and drawstrings. What are the potential snag points? Will it grab onto branches?

When you have all of this information, you are far less likely to make mistakes which means you will not lose time when it’s time to react.

Mimic Your Surroundings

If you are hiding in a bushy area, you will want to simulate the surroundings by adjusting the suit. If you see dry leaves or loss of moss around you, why not take a few and stick them on your suit. Sure, it’s a little dirty, but you don’t need a lot, just enough to not catch your opponents’ eyes. Dry grass and sticks are excellent because they are easy to work with, you can add to a threaded ghillie suit, and they don’t make as much noise when you are moving around.

Stay in the shadows

Sunlit areas have a tendency to attract the eye and more details are easily scrutinized in the light. You’ll want to avoid direct sunlight and stay in the shadows. If you’re in the woods this might mean in the shadow of a tree or tall brush, in other terrain it might mean in the shadow of a rock.

The shadows will break up your outline and naturally reduce the ability for enemy players to discern details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the military use the same Ghillie suits as Airsoft Players?

Yes and no. Snipers and their spotters are issued ghillie suits as needed depending on the terrain, but most of them will pick and choose pieces of the suit to place on their gear. They can be quite useful in concealing themselves from enemies. However, ghillie suits can be heavy and cumbersome, making access to equipment and gear more difficult.

You’ll find many snipers in the military prefer only have bits and pieces of the suit on, which gives them a balance between concealment capability and ease of use.

They’re not too uncommon in MILSIM games, however.

Can a Ghillie suit be washed?

Yes, they can. You can put them in a washing machine and wash on the ‘gentle’ setting, and then air dry. But there are models that can only be hand washed. You should read the information about washing the suit by the manufacturer usually adhered to the inside of the suit.


Many airsoft players may find maneuvering and adjusting to an Airsoft Ghillie suit to be challenging. However, with time and practice, it becomes second nature. The key is to have situational awareness, i.e., be aware of your surroundings and your suit’s limitation. Having this awareness will allow you to sneak even behind enemy lines undetected, collect information and leave. Make sure to practice lots of slow crawling with the suit on.

When you are in an airsoft field, facing off against opponents who can sense the danger near them, have situational awareness, and maybe familiar with your tactics, how you use the ghillie suit can make a huge difference. The Airsoft Ghillie suit is designed to help you stay hidden. You remain invisible to those around you, but it isn’t magic. In fact, even it might not appear that way but being stealthy with that suit on takes time, patience, and lots of practice.

Learn how to be be an airsoft sniper here for more tips.

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