7 Ways to Stop Airsoft Goggles from Fogging

The #1 complaint about airsoft goggles is fogging. We’ll tell you how you can prevent foggy goggles below:

One of the biggest problems for airsoft players is fogging. Many players complain of missing shots or not seeing the enemy because their goggles fogged up.

While one way to avoid the fogging issue would be to buy goggles with a special coating to prevent it, these are often expensive. So, it stands to reason that not everyone will want to pay top dollar for a pair of goggles. 

Fortunately, there are various ways to prevent fog from building up in your airsoft goggles. There are some things you can do to prevent fogging, and these will not cost you a lot of money either. 

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best, tested and true methods of preventing the build-up of fog in your goggles. These same tips apply whether you’re wearing an airsoft goggle or paintball mask.

how to prevent your airsoft goggles from fogging

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What Causes your Goggles To Become Foggy?

To address the problem, we need to know what causes it in the first place. The main reason why your goggles become foggy is due to condensation. This is when warm water vapors hit a cool surface (aka your goggles). The result is a mist or fog that is white or transparent. 

Gas molecules contain the most energy, so when they touch a cool surface like the lenses of your goggles, they lose a lot of that energy. When this happens, the molecules start to slow down and change from gas to liquid. That’s why it is mainly your breath that causes the goggles from fogging because it is warmer than the environment you’re playing in.

These issues below are common reasons why your eyepro is fogging:

  • High humidity
  • Googles are too tight and there isn’t enough airflow
  • Sweat dripping from foam
  • Moist breathing works its way up into the goggles

Even antifog airsoft goggles can still fog up or become less effective over time because the antifog layer can come off after enough wipes.

Learn How to Prevent Your Googles from Fogging Below:

Below we have 7 tips to follow. Some are DIY while other require buying a product.

1.) Wipe Off Your Goggles Using Dishwashing Soap

how to prevent airsoft goggles from fogging with dishwashing soap

The best way to prevent fogging is to simply wipe off the lenses after a game. Dish soap is a great choice. It’s inexpensive, and it creates a thin layer that blocks fogging. Apply a little inside your goggles, and then wipe off the excess with a rag or microfiber cloth.

2.) Use An Anti-Fogging Spray

antifog spray for goggles

Anti fogging sprays work – at least for a short time.

These are easily applied inside the goggles and eliminate fogging during the game. You can use these sprays during the pre-game process. Once applied, they’ll work well to prevent fogging.

The main drawback to these is that they cost money, but fortunately, only a few dollars at best. Also, you will need to reapply periodically, especially if you accidentally touch the inside of the goggle while you’re off the field.

We’ve previously used these “quick spit” antifog sprays and have had great success. We recommend it as part of a beginner airsoft loadout.

3.) Use Anti-Fog Wipes

revision anti-fog cloth

Separate from the antifog sprays are the antifog wipes. This particular set of wipes by Revision work pretty damn well and are easier to pack on your person than the sprays.

These wipes aren’t cheap, but they do work very well and sometimes the convenience of storing them is better than keeping a spray on you.

Tip: be sure to bring along a ziplock-type bag after you open one as you’ll want to reuse it a few times before throwing it away.

4.) Using Shaving Cream

full face mask for airsoft beginner

This is another tried and tested DIY solution. Simply apply shaving cream to the inside of your goggles. Alternatively, you can also use baby shampoo or dish soap to prevent fogging. 

If you are going to use shaving cream, make sure it is good old-fashioned shaving cream and not shaving gel. The cream will have to be mixed with water to form a solution. You can then dip the goggles into the solution or wipe them down. Then let it air dry before using the goggles. 

5.) Use Baby Shampoo

airsoft goggle antifog solutions

This is actually a tip we picked up from a swimmer. You can just drop in baby shampoo and then buff it down with a towel. Simple!

6.) Using Human Saliva 

Yes, we know it’s disgusting, and for this reason, it may not be for everyone. So, while the above methods work, a free and easy solution is to spit on your goggles. It’s a simple way to solve the problem in the short term, but it doesn’t work in the long run.

A better solution is to buy goggles with better ventilation. You can then coat them with soap or toothpaste to prevent fogging. 

Many people use saliva on their glasses, and it works perfectly. The exact science behind why saliva works as well as a defogging solution is something we don’t know. However, why not test it out to see if it works for you before spending money on expensive commercial defogging products.

7.) Purchase a Fan

how to prevent airsoft goggles from fogging with a fan kit

Some of the more expensive goggles frames, like those provided by revision, include a fan component. Not only does this keep your eyes cool, but it also helps prevent fogging. However, they’re typically way more expensive and are usually not included with the goggle frame itself.

We interviewed players who have used the fan, and they reported that it makes a HUGE difference in both antifog and their wallet contents.

Below are some fans you could purchase for your goggles:


These solutions should work for most people, so you should try them out. The trick is to find the solution that works best for you and your airsoft goggles.

If none of the above methods work for you, invest in special goggles with a defogging coating. These goggles aren’t cheap but will last you for years, and that means years of not having to try and spot the enemy in dense goggle fog!

Remember that your airsoft goggle is one of the most important pieces of safety gear for airsoft. So, take care of it and it will take care of you.


Should I try mesh goggles? They don’t fog right?

While you could purchase mesh goggles, we certainly DO NOT recommend them.

Mesh goggles won’t fog, but are far more likely to be shattered or shatter an airsoft BB on impact. Your eyes are worth more, so we don’t recommend these at all.

What should I if my goggles are fogging in the middle of my airsoft game?

While it sucks to do this; if your goggles are fogging so heavily you cannot see, you need to ask someone to walk you off the field. DO NOT attempt to wipe off the goggles midgame.

Removing your goggles on the field is incredibly dangerous resulting in an airsoft BB where it doesn’t belong.

Even if you want to put in a single finger to wipe off the goggle, trust us, you don’t want to do it.

Even a finger wipe just makes the interior of the goggle messier resulting in further fogging. You’ll have a lot of airsoft games in this hobby, so just get in contact with a ref to escort you off the field.

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