Well Fully Automatic AEG Airsoft Belgium P-90 Black

The production of the Well Fully Automatic P90 Airsoft Assault Rifle was meant to be the opposite of normal gun trend which entails long guns that with a thin bezel and a rounded barrel. It is one cheap model on when a comparison is made to other airsoft electric guns available.

Well Airsoft Electric Automatic Rifle D90H...
  • Battery Operated Fully Automatic Airsoft Rifle 200 FPS with 0.12g BBs. High Cap Magazine 400 Rounds

This is a good choice for those who want a budget rifle but he only problem that will be lingering in your mind is ‘what’s the catch?’ for the cheap price. It follow suite of the original P-90 which was built in Belgium in the 90’s and hence the name Project ninety.

For those who may want to try it therefore, it is important to assess the worth of the gun by taking a look at its features.

Range60ft Est.
Action TypeAEG – Fully Automatic
Dimensions2.15lbs (weight) and 8.60” (length)
Magazine Capacity400 – gravity fed
Ammo 6mm BBs


Well Airsoft Electric Automatic Rifle D90H...

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The Well P90 Airsoft Rifle features some basic specifications such as;

  • Low powered electric replica of the original P90 automatic assault rifle
  • It holds up to four hundred rounds with a magazine capacity of five hundred rounds
  • It has a red dot point of focus (electronic sight)
  • The Airsoft gun can fire upwards of three hundred rounds per minute
  • Weighs in at two lbs
  • Its recommended Ammo is twelve g of premium plastic BBs
  • Has a non-adjustable hop up
  • The gun features three shooting modes; Semi Auto, Full Auto and Safety Mode
  • It includes; 100BBs, Laser Sight, Suppressor Barrel and a Flashlight

These give a clear picture of what to expect from the Airsoft gun in terms of performance which pretty much seems decent.

Our Verdict

The verdict of the Well P90 Airsoft Belgium Assault Rifle is that a cheap Airsoft electric gun will offer exactly what it cost, good value. In this case, the gun is pretty much standard until the specs come to gravity and accuracy which let the gun down. It could be a good choice if it could fire downwards because it is always fun to fire or snipe downward at opponents.

The available alternative to the P90 are fairly a mixed bag of opinions so you will have to make your choice count.

Take a look through AirsoftCore’s Best Airsoft Assault Rifle guide, if you are still looking to find the right gun for you.

Well Airsoft Electric Automatic Rifle D90H...
  • Battery Operated Fully Automatic Airsoft Rifle 200 FPS with 0.12g BBs. High Cap Magazine 400 Rounds
7.2 Total Score
Budget Beginner P90 AEG Airsoft Assault Rifle

A decent Airsoft Assault Rifle from a quality brand, offers fully automatic firing from a large magazine. Occasionally prone to jamming.

Magazine Capacity
Build Quality
  • It has a great firing velocity of around two hundred and fifty FPS when using the standard twelve g BBs which is a good deal for the said price.
  • It has a magnificent magazine capacity of five hundred rounds
  • Using the twelve g BBs is effective because it allows to save extra cost
  • The construction is very solid for a gun of its type which is completely plastic, precisely due to being a single piece.
  • The suppressor barrel included offers more accuracy and makes an impact on the gun noise.
  • Even though the gun has a built ramp, it needs to tilted back to fire
  • The plastic construction even though sturdy, break pretty easily
  • The twelve g BBs looses momentum past thirty feet thus can be blown by the wind
  • The gun misfires or jams often hence not reliable.
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Timothy Hackett
Timothy Hackett

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