Crosman 1911 Semi-Auto .177 BB CO2 Air Pistol Spec & Review

The Crosman 1911 Semi-Auto is one of the lightest and cheapest semi auto air pistols you will ever find, loaded with user-friendly features that are sure to please most budget-conscious shooting enthusiasts.

For a cheap CO2 airsoft pistol, the Crosman 1911 is surprisingly decent. While it is really nothing more than a basic BB gun, it is still pretty fun to use and the accuracy is respectable.

The pistol enables you to shoot things up with steel BBS at up to 480 FPS, but be mindful of the range as the accuracy seems to go downhill if the target is more than 30 feet.

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crossman 1911 co2 cheap pistol

Crosman 1911BB 40001 Semi-Auto CO2-Powered BB...
  • FUELED BY ONE 12-gram CO2 CARTRIDGE - Delivers speeds up to 480 fps (CO2 cartridge not included)
  • 20-ROUND DROP OUT CLIP - Compatible with traditional steel 4.5mm BBs (BBs not included)
FPSUp to 480 fps
RangeAccurate for up to approximately 30 feet
Action TypeSemi-Auto Repeater
Dimensions0.88 lbs. (weight) and 7.88″ (length)
Magazine Capacity20
PowerCO2 gas powered
Ammo .177 cal steel BBs


Crosman 1911BB 40001 Semi-Auto CO2-Powered BB...
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Since the Crosman 1911 is composed almost entirely out of plastic and feels so light in the hand, it does make you feel like you are handling a toy gun at times. Initially, you might feel a little annoyed with the pistol’s lightweight body because it affects your aiming, but you will get the hang of it after shooting it around perhaps a dozen times or so.

A bit of practice is all it takes to get a “feel” for this simple yet well-made gas airsoft pistol.

It is worth noting that the pistol’s trigger and a few internal components are made of metal. The trigger itself is smooth and is easy to pull. Another plus is the grip which really feels nice when you are holding it.

The grips are checkered and that is great because they seem to provide a more solid hold compared to smooth grips. Besides, checkered grips look more appealing to the eye.


If you want to elevate the Crosman 1911’s look by a notch or two, you can do so by installing an attachment such as a laser sight or a flashlight to the pistol’s bottom rail. A laser attachment would probably help with the pistol’s lightweight issue.

The added weight from the laser sight may help in terms of balancing the pistol’s weight, allowing you to better stabilize your aiming. Of course the laser attachment itself will significantly ramp up the accuracy of your shooting, and it will also make you look cool to boot!

CO2 Powered Pistol

A single CO2 cartridge may supply you up to 100 shots, but do bear in mind that it will start slowing down after roughly 60 shots or thereabouts. Reloading is simple enough. The grip panel can be easily removed and you should not have any problems replacing the CO2 cartridge.

You just put in the CO2 and give it a bit of twist until the tightness sets in. At this point, you will want apply a little pressure on the butterfly nut. Finally, finish fitting in the CO2 replacement swiftly or the pressure will be lost. Really, this thing is easy to reload.

Crosman 1911BB 40001 Semi-Auto CO2-Powered BB...
  • FUELED BY ONE 12-gram CO2 CARTRIDGE - Delivers speeds up to 480 fps (CO2 cartridge not included)
  • 20-ROUND DROP OUT CLIP - Compatible with traditional steel 4.5mm BBs (BBs not included)


In terms of safety, the Crosman 1911 airsoft pistol disappoints slightly. Now, the safety feature works perfectly. You pull the switch down and a white indicator shows up to let you now that the safety is ON. So you pull the trigger and it will not fire a BB. Bring the switch up and you will see a red one indicating that safety is OFF.

It is simple, yes, but the disappointment lies with the safety switch itself which feels quite rigid. If you go too hard on it, you might just wind up breaking it!


The Crosman 1911 is a cheap CO2 airsoft pistol that falters in a few aspects, but it is still a respectable model, especially when you consider its price. The accuracy is solid up to 30 feet max, it is easy to handle, and you can have a lot of fun shooting it. Those on a tight budget and looking for a basic, yet reliable CO2 pistol should definitely give it a go. It doesn’t quite match up to the best airsoft 1911‘s on the market – unfortunately.

For a similar pistol, see the Umarex Walter P99.

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7 Total Score
Budget .177" Steel BB CO2 Pistol

Whilst the Crosman 1911 bb gun offers great value for money, you can feel it in the gun, being made of plastic the build quality isn't the same as it's counter parts. You'll get around 100 shots out of each CO2 canister alongside a 20 round magazine it's great for plinking.

Magazine Capacity
Build Quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Fairly accurate
  • Easy to reload
  • Has a nice grip
  • Might be too light for some
  • Primarily made of plastic
  • Rather inflexible safety switch
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