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At AirsoftCore we believe the best way to make sure users appreciate what they’ve purchased once they get it is to educate them properly beforehand. We don’t assume everyone knows about the sport or that they are even serious about playing airsoft.

Maybe someone just wants an airsoft sniper, assault rifle or pistol so they can showcase it or target practice with it. It can certainly be a good way of letting off some steam or just sharpening up skills. Well we’ve outlined some of the basic questions some users have about not only the game, but different components of the guns themselves such as bolt action technology, types of BBs, action and power.

What the basic game of airsoft is all about

The game of airsoft is all about people using an airsoft gun, which come in different forms such as sniper rifle, assault rifle, revolver and pistols. The point of the game is to eliminate opponents by hitting them with one of the pellets. Not to worry, because the pellet doesn’t leave any damage or noticeable mark on the target. The game is dependent on the honor system in this regard.

Playing the game in actual league play

Some people aren’t even aware that there are different airsoft leagues throughout the country. These are groups of people who come together for the purpose of enjoying the game, but at a high level. Different leagues accommodate different levels of player and those who seek to join one can find complete lists on the web.

Bolt action technology with airsoft guns

Bolt action technology is a form of repeater firearm action. The handling of the cartridges in and out of the guns barrel chamber is handled by means of manipulating the bolt handle in a manual way.

Different types of BBs with airsoft guns

It’s going to be very important for users to understand what it means to have different BBs or what others call pellets. Here’s a simple rundown:

  • Aluminum-These are designed to be heavy, which allow for greater FPS.
  • Biodegradable-These are the type of pellets that are designed to be on the environmentally friendly side.
  • BBs that glow in the dark-These are BBs that are easy to see and night and are designed to create a tracer effect that’s very realistic when used at night.
  • Non-tracer BBs-These types of BBs are made to be dark colored so it’s tougher to trace where it came from.
  • Markers-BBs that come with a specific type of power on them in order to mark a spot that it hits.
  • Metallic-Designed to be heavier and harder than regular BBs such as those that are polymer. These can actual cause injury.
  • Ceramic-BBs that are made using precise specifications in order to make sure weight, surface shape and dimensions are uniform.
  • Paint filled BBs-These are pellets that are paint filled, very much like what you’d expect with paintball.

Action and power with airsoft guns

The way a gun is powered is going to affect what type of action a user can hope to get out of it. The three different forms of action are electric, spring and gas. Here’s a basic rundown:

  • Spring powered-Guns that make use of a spring in order to fire the plastic BB out of the barrel. These operate on mechanical power, which requires a user to cock the gun each time a round is fired off.
  • Electric powered-These types of airsoft guns also utilize springs, but can do this without requiring the gun to be manually cocked each time. These typically come with a rechargeable battery as well as battery charger. Electric powered options are semi-automatic.
  • Gas powered-These types of airsoft guns make use of different forms of compressed gas in order to shoot off BBs. You’ll find that they are considered intermediate options and work very good for target shooting outside.

Spring powered options are seen as being for those who are just getting into using these types of guns. They usually aren’t intimidating in terms of raw power and action. Electric powered options are higher powered and work well for those graduating from the spring powered level or even gas powered level. Gas powered options can shoot at higher velocities than spring powered options, but shouldn’t overwhelm a user.

Read more about the different airsoft BB types.

Timothy Hackett
Timothy Hackett

Tim has been playing airsoft since 1994. With over a thousand (no lie) airsoft games under his belt he has spent countless hours testing various airsoft guns and tactical gear. He's gotten hundreds (still no lie) of people into the airsoft hobby and is more than willing to spread the love of slinging 6mm plastic to any new player.

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