How this site is financed

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At AirsoftCore we’re keen beans for a skirmish, tinkering, improving and testing out the latest airsoft gear. Our goal is to be the US’s best and most comprehensive website for everything Airsoft. So if you’ve got technical questions and would like to know how they work, we’ve an answer for that, if you’re looking for the best in class and best value our expert guide’s, comparison tables and reviews can help you.

Unlike competitor’s websites, all of our products and content is unbiased regardless whether a brand has provided products for review. There’s no subscription, you are free to come take a look around as you like, bookmark to return, or follow, like or share us as you wish.

Since our beginnings as the AirsoftCore Assault Division, a social and fun skirmish team based in South California, we’ve changed direction and grown, now with a few independent writers and a developer to keep our site update to date, and to keep you in the Airsoft loop. But how is it all paid for? When you look through the site, you’ll see commercial and non-commercial content.

Commercial Content

Whilst our expert authors review products independently, and form their opinion based on individual products, brand quality, specification and trusted reviews, you will see this commercial content focussing on what’s best for our customer point of view – looking at comparatively best products and best value. This content pays majority of our bills.

After reading through articles and content that allow AirsoftCore to operate, after a clicking through and making a purchase, typically a fraction aid’s our site. The following typically support us:-

  • Product Reviews
  • Comparison reviews
  • Best of tables

Once all guides, reviews and products have been reviewed, our developer typically finds relevant suppliers and affiliates that offer these products – to provide a comprehensive review, whilst still supporting the site.

Each supplier is chosen based on reputation, their customer feedback and ability to supply the Airsoft item at a competitive price. With most retailers offering such schemes to aid commercial content, there are very few product reviews, best of tables and comparison reviews without links.

Whilst each of our links appear as normal links, they do track clicks and purchases made in relation to our website – these do not carry, hold or share any individual data neither is this information brought, sold or passed on to any other third party without their permission.

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Non-Commercial Content

Throughout our site, you will find informative guides, laid out to help you either better understand Airsoft, brands, products, tactics and how they may be used. In most cases there will be links to other pages on our website, though these are Non-Commercial and simply display adverts, or links, to other content or items you may be interested in.

Articles and content, as follows, have been independently written and have no commercial influence:-

  • Essential Guides
    Before you head out in to the field, on skirmish, or just with friends, these essential guides have been created as cheat sheet’s to get you started, help out or progress your BB/Airsoft career.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    With knowledge being key, our frequently asked questions are based on both people getting in touch, commonly searched questions and answer / question based websites. If you feel we’ve missed a question or have a better answer. Get in touch.
  • Brand Reviews
    These informational reviews are all to help our readers get a better idea about the brand, their products and overall quality. These are impartial and should aid when consider which airsoft product you would like to buy next. If you have any issues with your product, we recommend you contact either the brand direct or the vendor you purchased from.


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