Are Airsoft Munition Dangerous? What You Need to Know.

The world has millions of enthusiasts nowadays especially when it comes to airsoft – particularly since this is an alternative to guns that will not leave you scarred for life. These types of airsoft guns, look like any other type of gun – the only difference being that the bullets won’t kill you.

All things considered, how safe are airsoft bullets really? Sure, they won’t kill you – but can they still injure you? Should you avoid being hit by them for the sake of safety and not just because you don’t want to lose the game?

What are Airsoft Munitions made Of?

Airsoft munition (also referred to as “airsoft pellets”) are made from either raw plastic or a biodegradable material that will also have a petroleum or mineral base. These bullets will pollute the environment – so if you do not collect them after firing, they will be polluting the environment for the next hundreds of years.

To make these pellets, raw plastic is going through a heating process – which prepares it for the injection molding. The result is spherical BB bullets – ammo with a flawless surface that will take down your “enemies” upon contact. Bear in mind that unless the surface is smooth, it can damage your gun.

Airsoft munition is generally made to measure around 6mm and has somewhere between 0.12 and 0.48 grams. The most popular brands sell munition weighing between 0.20 grams and 0.28 grams. However, you can also get a customizable size, depending on the gun that you actually own.

Do Airsoft “Bullets” Hurt?

Airsoft munition is practically plastic ammo that will be propelled from your gun into the other person. They’re like real bullets – only made from plastic and not as lethal.

Imagine that someone threw a rock at you with a big force and hit you with it. Indeed, it would not kill you – unless they probably hit you in the head with it – but it will hurt a lot. Naturally, your body has pain receptors. So, while you may not be fatally injured by a bullet, you’ll likely want to scream for your mommy.

Some people describe the pain of being hit by a pellet so bad that it takes a few moments to register through the pain. They even joke that the pain is similar to childbirth – only instead of waking up to your child, you wake up with 39 bruises and welts all over your body.

Can Airsoft Munition Be Deadly? 

The best airsoft sniper rifles have a muzzle velocity of 400 to 600 feet per second with 0.20g BB’s, so it will definitely hurt or sting upon impact and maybe even put out an eye. But while it may be able to hurt you slightly, they will not be able to kill you.

Granted, you can increase the velocity of an airsoft gun (and thus bring more power to the munition) by installing longer and/or tighter barrels. However, this won’t make the bullets any deadlier; they’ll just be more painful. You will also have to stay within the legal requirements.

Granted, this will also depend on your clothing and protection level. Needless to say, if a bullet hits you where you don’t really have protective clothing, it might not kill you on the spot – but it might lead to various complications. Internal bleeding, the burst of an appendix – these might not be noticeable right away, but they may still be caused by an airsoft bullet landing in the wrong spot.

This is why you need to use protection when it comes to airsoft. The right gear will prevent the munition from being dangerous both for you and your airsoft partner.

Equipment for Safe Airsoft Sessions

If you are planning a trip to your local airsoft area, you have to ensure that you have the right equipment on. Failing to do so is not likely to get you killed – but you’ll still regret all your life decisions the moment those pellets hit your skin.

Here is what you have to wear so that your airsoft munition is rendered harmless:

  • Face and Eye Protection

Unless you really want to have an eye taken out, you should carefullyM4-Semi-Full-Auto-AEG-Airsoft-Rifle-min consider some face protection. The eyes are the most sensitive area of your body and you must protect them as much as possible.

You can go for full face marks – or you can go for goggles. However, bear in mind that you only protect what you cover. Therefore, if a pellet hits you straight in the lip or the nose while wearing goggles, you might end up with a rather inconvenient stage of bleeding.

  • Gloves

Many people ignore this aspect, but guns can keep you protected from a variety of dangers. Not only will they keep you safe from the “enemy” pellets, but they will also protect your hands while you are shooting with the gun.

  • Head Protection

This can be something as simple as a cap or a hoodie; you’ll greatly appreciate it by the end of the day. Indeed, while airsoft munition cannot kill you, if it hits you in the head, you might still end up with a generous lump. Covering your head might just keep you safe from an impending headache.

  • Thick Clothes

You won’t have to cover your entire body with fancy, thick equipment. You won’t need thick suits, and you certainly won’t need bulletproof vests. However, if you don;t want your bruises to be bigger than you anticipated, then you might want to wear clothes that cover you properly. A long-sleeved shirt, long pants – basically, wear clothes that cover your entire body.

Final Thoughts

Airsoft is a legal option to be shooting people without actually killing them. Played for fun and among friends, airsoft munition is not dangerous – but you do have to take the proper precaution. Wear the right equipment and protect your sensitive areas. And most importantly, try not to get hit – because while it might not kill you, it will still hurt.

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